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Adult Work throughout the UK

Earn money doing fun & exciting work!

Adult Work throughout the UK

Earn money doing fun & exciting work!

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We cover the whole of the United Kingdom, so if you are searching for adult work in London, central London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol or anywhere else in the UK you’ve found the perfect place.

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Finding The Perfect Job As An Adult

It’s often not easy, finding the perfect job can take a mixture of lots of looking and a bit of all important luck.  Here’s our top tips to help you along the way:

  1. Work out what you realistically want and are well suited to.
  2. Get organized, make a plan, make sure you tick items off your list every day, keep focused on finding that perfect job even with the inevitable knockbacks.
  3. Use any contacts you may have. Plenty of jobs never get advertised, they get filled because someone knows someone who is looking who would be a good fit.
  4. Tailor your CV to each job so you are always the perfect candidate, or as perfect as you can make yourself
  5. Don’t limit yourself to online advertised jobs, get out there and ask at places you would be interested to work. You can often get hired just be doing this
  6. Aim to complete a few job-related goals every day

Some tips if you’re struggling to find a job:
👉 Look at the optional requirements. Can you take a course to expand your knowledge in these areas?
👉 Ask a previous manager why they hired you and showcase it.
👉 What part of the process do you get the most rejections? Focus on that.

CV / Resumé Tips

Communicate your value well!

Here’s some of our best tips to consider:

  1. Avoid simple grammar mistakes. For instance, don’t flip between first person present (I am) and third person past (She was) and all possible combinations. Pick one and stick with it (First person past is a great choice, e.g. I did this, I created that, etc)
  2. Focus on tasks rather than outcomes. It’s far more compelling to speak about how you grew the customer base than to say you were tasked with outreach. Great that you managed a budget, but what did you *do* with it?
  3. Missed accomplishments. One of the first questions a hiring manager might ask in any interview is “What are you proud of?” They shouldn’t have to ask… tell them! Even when doing the crappiest jobs there are always things to be proud of.
  4. The CV / Resumé is a jumping off point for eventual phone and in-person interviews. Since you define the cv, you can define those jumping off points. If possible make then positive experiences you really enjoyed and celebrate, it makes an interview that much easier!
  5. Don’t draw attention to the wrong thing. Will the reader really care what your job title was, or what the company you were working for was doing? Center it all around you to make you look good. Was the company a market leader? What roles did you play? How did you win?
  6. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up. The world is full of mediocre white men who think they’re amazing, and you are always competing with them on paper. You are your own strongest advocate and it’s up to you to bring that across. You can do it!